Jim Helms Golf was established in 1997 out of a desire to assist golf course owners and operators with becoming more profitable through operating smarter and more efficient with highly-trained teams committed to achieving shared visions and goals.  With a professional golf operations background developed over the past 30 years of working at golf courses in the U.S., Australia, Japan, and Puerto Rico, I have developed systems that allow for an efficient way to analyze golf operations and use the data to determine the current overall value of the business.  Through my affiliations with two of the largest operators of golf courses, I have been blessed to have been able to work some of the greatest minds in the business.

Services and Related Experience

Golf Course Property Transitions

s         Whenever a property is bought, sold, or turned over to a management group, I will assist with setting up the property to operate under the new systems and procedures of the new company.  This usually requires me to assume the role of interim general manager or project manager.  The GM assumes responsibility over operations of the entire facility.

Interim Management

s         In this role, I perform the functions of a general manager while the owner/operator completes a search for a permanent GM

Golf Course Marketing Plans

s         Today’s market requires management teams to operate smarter and more efficient than their competitors.  The tools that I work with allow me to systematically approach developing viable marketing plans with assistance from the existing management teams.

Opportunity Assessments

s         Acting as another set of eyes for owners and operators, I systematically work through all departments of the operation to determine areas where the operation might improve.

Due Diligence

s         Anytime a property is bought or sold there is a period of due diligence whereby the prospective buyer learns as much as he/she can about the property to determine its true value as a business.  With systems that I have developed and worked with, combined with a keen-eye for detail and knowledge of local markets, the findings and recommendations are quite accurate.


s         Objectivity . . . Being a qualified expert in the operations of golf facilities through my efforts at home and abroad, I can be objective in formulating strategies in all areas of any operation
s         Dedicated Time . . . I am a sole proprietor and you will receive the value of my expertise firsthand.  Your project will not be “farmed-out” to anyone else.

s         Specialized Experience . . . Golf operations has been my sole career for over 30 years and I understand that my clients are the keys to my success. 

Current Client List

KemperSports Management

s         I have contracted primarily with KemperSports to head-up the transition process for their new acquisitions.  The transition process may include working with the business development team on:

*          preparing operating and capital improvement budgets

*          developing marketing plans

*          creating co-worker professional development plans

*          acting as the interim general manager for periods of up to one year

*          growing positive working relationships with clients


KemperSports Management


11 Golf Courses

Jim Stegall



City of Rockwall, TX

s         The City contracted with me to assist them with developing a way to monitor whether or not the contracted golf course operator was fulfilling the lease agreement as it related to grounds maintenance.  Once a tool for measuring compliance was created, I conducted quarterly audits and filed reports.


City of Rockwall


The Shores CC

Brad Griggs



Touchstone Golf

s         Over the past several years, I have contracted with Touchstone to assist with:

*          golf course property assessments

*          transitions

*          co-worker training


Touchstone Golf


3 Golf Courses

Steve Harker



City of Abilene, TX

s         I worked with the City of Abilene with developing a due diligence package that helped them determine the viability of purchasing a golf course from a local developer.  The process included:

        *          conducting a competitive market analysis

        *          developing and presenting a PowerPoint Presentation

  *          developing a budget and marketing plan

  *          developing a 5-year capital improvement plan 


City of Abilene


1 Golf Course

Mike Hall, Director


Recent Recognition and Organizations

s         Voted One of Top 20 Most Admired Operators by Golf Inc magazine in May 2007

s         Member of Golf Course Superintendents Association of America since 2001

s         Dorado Beach Nominated Best Facility in KemperSports during my time as General Manager